Heavy Haulers offer accurate specifications for every type of equipment. Whether buying or selling new or used equipment, you can quickly search for its dimensions on our database. With accurate information, you’re able to decide whether the heavy equipment you want to buy will suit your needs or not. With our specification results, you’ll be able to compare the specs of different models and manufacturers before making your final decision.

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      2. Length, width, height, and weight of all equipment models included
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Featured Equipment Specifications

Featured Manufacturers Specifications

All Equipment Specs and Dimensions

Agriculture Equipment Specs and Dimensions

We provide accurate specifications of all agriculture equipment from different manufacturers. All the specifications are unique depending on the equipment and its uses. Some of the agriculture equipment featured include combines, 2wd tractors, 4wd tractors, cultivators and many more. With our agriculture equipment specs, you’re able to compare different models of the equipment you need from various manufacturers. When you need to sell a used agriculture equipment, all you need to do is search for its model or manufacturer and get accurate specifications for the buyer.

It’s important to consider the specs and dimensions of an agriculture equipment before purchasing one. Ensure that its specifications fit your needs and can be transported to your farm easily. A good agriculture equipment should access your job site and get the job without any problem. Based on the specs and dimensions, we recommend the most suitable trailer to ship your agriculture equipment.

Asphalt/Aggregate/Concrete Specs and Dimensions

Our database has unique and accurate specifications of different models of asphalt / aggregate / concrete equipment from various manufacturers. Comparing different asphalt / aggregate / concrete equipment before purchasing is the best way to ensure you get the right one. When selling new or used asphalt / aggregate / concrete equipment, providing correct specifications for any potential buyers is important. They are able to truly buy what meets their requirements.

Asphalt / aggregate or concrete equipment is expensive. Therefore, doing thorough research is the only way to ensure you get what you need and don’t have to invest in another one. The size of the asphalt / aggregate or concrete equipment you get should not be too large to work with or too small to get the job done. Size also plays a role during transport. Invest in asphalt / aggregate or concrete equipment that can fit on the trailer for easy and fast transport.

Construction Equipment Specs and Dimensions

There are many construction equipment with each type having different uses. On our database, you’ll find specs of all types of construction equipment from different manufacturers. When planning to invest in construction equipment, it’s important to have accurate specifications. We provide you with informative information about different types of construction equipment to help you choose the right one. For the sellers, you’re able to get accurate specs for your equipment before advertising it.

Depending on the type of construction equipment you need, you can compare different models from various manufacturers and settle for the one that meets your needs best. Ensure that the size of the equipment you choose can access the construction site easily and get the job done. Dimensions of the construction equipment you buy also matter during transport. The equipment should easily fit on the trailer. We recommend the most suitable trailer for construction equipment transport as well as ship them to any part of the country.

Forestry Equipment Specs and Dimensions

Whether buying or selling new or used forestry equipment, you need accurate specifications. Heavy Haulers provides unique specs of every forestry equipment model by all manufacturers. Therefore, you can easily access information on the forest equipment you wish to invest in and compare different model specifications. As a seller, you get to advertise your equipment using correct information to avoid misleading any potential buyer.

When choosing a forestry equipment, it’s important to settle the one that can access the job site easily and get a job well done. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too large to maneuver around or too small to get stuck. Size also matters during transport. The forestry equipment should easily fit on a trailer for easy and fast transport. Based on the specs of the forest equipment you get, we recommend the most suitable trailer as well as transport it to the destination of your choice.

Lifting & Material Handling Equipment Specs and Dimensions

Lifting and material handling equipment come in different models from various manufacturers. Knowing the type of lifting and material handling equipment you need isn’t enough. You need to have accurate specifications to purchase one that meets your needs. At Heavy Haulers, we provide you with accurate and informative specifications of different models of lifting and material handling equipment from all manufacturers. With this information, you’re able to choose an equipment that will perfectly fit your job site.

For the sellers, you’re able to access specs of your equipment and provide any potential buyer with correct information. When buying a lifting and material handling equipment, you should select one that’s strong enough and appropriate size to maneuver around your business environment easily. Its size should also fit on a trailer for easy transport. At Heavy Haulers, we recommend the best trailers and transport all lifting and material handling equipment countrywide and beyond.

Mining Equipment Specs and Dimensions

When investing in mining equipment, having accurate specifications of what you need is key. At Heavy Haulers, we provide unique specifications of all models and makes of mining equipment. With this information, it’s easy to decide on the model and manufacture of the mining equipment you want. The sellers can also access specifications of different mining equipment to provide the buyer with accurate information

You can search for the mining equipment you need by model, manufacturer or industry. The size of the mining equipment you choose should fit your work environment. With the right specifications, it’s easy to choose mining equipment that will fit on a trailer and won’t be stressful to transport. We transport mining equipment to every part of the country and recommend the best trailer for transport after evaluating their dimensions.

Transportation Equipment Specs and Dimensions

We provide detailed and informative specifications of transportation equipment for anyone buying or selling one. More often than not, a lot of people invest in the wrong transportation equipment due to lack of knowledge on what they truly need. With our transportation equipment specifications, you are able to evaluate models from different manufacturers before deciding which one to invest in. We regularly update our specifications database by adding new models of transportation equipment. This way, you can compare the latest makes with the old ones.

If you need to sell transportation equipment and you’re not sure about its specs, you'll also benefit from our database. You can look up the make and model of the transportation equipment and get accurate specs for the buyers. Ensure the transportation equipment you buy fits on the trailer for stress free shipping. We provide transportation equipment shipping services and recommend the most suitable trailer.


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