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Providing Pilot Car Delivery in Colorado and Beyond

Pilot car transport is a necessary precaution when shipping oversized equipment, machinery, or construction materials. Heavy Haulers pilot car services are here to assist you, whether you're hauling an oversized load within Colorado or further beyond. We provide pilot vehicle transport in all 50 states and can even help your shipments travel into Canada and Mexico.

We understand that oversized equipment deliveries may include long-haul journeys between states, and our directory of pilot car and escort vehicle companies in Colorado is there to help safely cross borders where required.

Your escort vehicle operator is required to be certified for travel in Colorado. We ensure that any pilot car company on our directory is licensed, insured, and experienced to travel alongside your shipment until it’s safely delivered.

You can't ask just anyone to provide a pilot car service. You'll need a pilot car transport company that you can trust to handle your escort car delivery. And that's where Heavy Haulers come in; Heavy Haulers escort vehicles are provided by experts with more than a decade of experience coordinating Colorado travel. We have an excellent reputation for handling pilot vehicle transport, and you won't regret choosing our pilot car delivery services. Call now!

Pilot Car Companies in Colorado

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Name States Served Phone Number
Heavy Equipment Transport CO (239) 677-4002
Nationwide Transport Services AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA (407) 574-4797
Wide Load Shipping MT, AL, LA, AZ, FL (239) 202-0846
E&E Pilot Car Services AL (205) 258-8059
JKA Express Pilot Car Service, LLC VA, MD, NC, DE, PA (804) 238-8216
RAMSEY PILOT CAR NV, CA, UT, WA, ID (850) 221-3029

Disclaimer: The Heavy Haulers Pilot Car Directory is a resource for connecting pilot car and escort vehicle service providers with potential clients. We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any of the companies listed in this directory. The information provided is for general informational purposes only, and all users are encouraged to perform their own due diligence before engaging with any of the service providers.

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Reliable Pilot Car Companies in Colorado

Heavy Haulers will provide an escort car that meets Colorado's oversized delivery requirements. Colorado has blue, yellow, green, and white transport routes with different pilot car transport requirements. With this in mind, you may find it troublesome to identify which pilot vehicle services you'll need when traveling through Colorado, particularly if you’ve not traveled the route before.

Heavy Haulers has put together a list of trustworthy and licensed pilot car companies in Colorado to make your oversized load move smoothly. Every escort car company on our directory knows which rules and regulations apply to each route. They won't hesitate to provide you with a reliable pilot vehicle to help facilitate your oversized shipment journey.

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Escort vehicle transport requirements vary according to each major city. If you're looking for pilot car services in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Grand Junction, the regulations will vary. For a truly accurate assessment of pilot car delivery requirements, you can contact the Heavy Haulers transport professionals anytime. We'll know when height poles are required, when you'll need more than one escort car transport alongside your equipment delivery, and when pilot cars can legally travel. And that's not all! You can depend on us to provide a safe passenger vehicle or 2-axle truck that weighs less than the maximum weight restrictions.

When Do I Need a Pilot Car or Escort Vehicle For My Colorado Shipment?

  • Escort Regulations:
    • • Escorts are mandatory on mountainous roads for loads exceeding 85 feet in length or over 11 feet wide.
    • • Escorts are required for loads over 110 feet long or 13 feet wide on two-lane, non-mountainous roads.
    • • Escorts are needed for shipments over 115 feet long, 15 feet high, and/or 16 feet wide on one-lane, non-mountainous roads.
    • • Pilot cars or escort vehicles are necessary for overhangs exceeding 25 feet, running in front or following based on the overhang position.
    • • Specific requirements for blue and yellow loads based on width, with variations in escort configurations and lighting depending on the route.

  • Height Pole Usage:
    • • Pilot cars and escort operators must use a height pole for loads exceeding 16 feet in height unless otherwise stated on the oversized trucking permit.
    • • The height pole should not extend more than 6 inches above the maximum height of the oversized vehicle shipment.

Oversize/Overweight Load Flags/Banners/Signs/Lights Requirements for Colorado

Oversized Load Signs:

  • Mandatory display of "Oversized Load" signs for all oversized loads.
  • Use either "Wide Load" or "Wide," "Long Load" or "Long," or "Oversize Load" or "Oversize," as applicable.
  • Signs can either be 5 feet wide, 10 inches high with a 1-inch-wide brush stroke, or black letters with a minimum height of 8 inches on a yellow background.
  • Alternatively, signs can be 7 feet wide, 18 inches high, with a 1.41-inch brush stroke, black letters with a minimum height of 10 inches on a yellow background.

Flag Requirements:

  • Flags must be placed at all four corners of any extremities of wide and over-length loads.

Warning Lights: Color and Placement:

  • Yellow warning lights required: 1 on the truck cab and 2 or 3 at the rear corners and extremity of the load.

Travel Time Restrictions for Overdimensional and Overweight Loads in Colorado

    Operating Times: Sunrise to Sunset:

  • Loads up to 12' allowed with proper lights.
  • Loads over 12' up to 14' can operate at night with an escort car.
  • Restricted Travel (Eisenhower Tunnel):

  • Loads over 13' 11" high must use US 6 bypass.
  • Wide loads over 11' must pull over and call for tunnel clearance.
  • Other time restrictions on Colorado highways are specified in 2 CCR 601-4 (401).
    • Holiday Restrictions for LVC:

    • Prohibited on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.
    • Independence Day restrictions extend to the previous Friday if it falls on a Saturday, and to the following Monday if on a Sunday.
    • Allowed to travel on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
    • Restrictions for these holidays extend to the previous Friday if the holiday is on a Saturday, and to the following Monday if on a Sunday.

Common Equipment that Requires
Escort Vehicles in Colorado

  • Aircraft Frames

  • Bridge Beams

  • Bulldozer Machines

  • Cranes

  • Construction Scraper

  • Excavators

  • Front End Loaders

  • Industrial Furnaces

  • Tugboats

  • Wheel Loaders

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